My Top Five Hair Styling Products

October 8, 2018
Dry Shampoo | Dry Shampoo Paste | Hair Oil | Texturizing Spray | Sea Salt Spray | Curling Iron

So anyone who knows me well, knows that hair is kind of my “thing.” I’ve always been the friend that will set up a curling or straightening station at parties. I’ve even jumped in on wedding days when there is a hair dresser catastrophe that needs to be fixed. Now granted, I really have no experience with up-dos and or very complex hair styles. But if you need beachy waves or loose flowy curls – I’m your girl! That being said, I’ve tested and tried a lot of products in both the luxury and drugstore categories. Since I get this question pretty often, I wanted to share my top five hair styling products with you all! 

You’ll see below that I haven’t included a blowout cream or mousse in my top five. For me, those products tend to weigh down my hair and make it sticky. I then have to wash it sooner than my normal 3-4 day stint. So they really are not part of my regimen, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work for you!

Dry Shampoo

I actually have two favorite products in this category, but they are very different from each other. After trying countless brands from Klorane to DryBar to Batiste, my ride-or-die aerosol dry shampoo is none other than Dove. There’s just something about the formula that works perfectly with my hair. It’s not too heavy where it weighs my strands down, but it also works to get rid of grease and add volume. Also, it smells nice and isn’t overpowering. Dove makes a few different lines that address your specific need as well. My second runner up is PhD dry shampoo but that comes at a steeper price, and is more of a luxury for the amount of dry shampoo I use.

The second dry shampoo is actually a paste. Yup, you heard me right and can see it in the images above. This super innovative, miracle product absorbs any grease and gives your hair some great texture and grit. I have a lot of thick hair, so it works for me at my roots. However, I could see this product being a bit much for someone who has more fine hair, so keep that in mind before purchasing. Basically, I take a tiny bit and warm it up between my hands. Then I push it up into my roots from underneath and shake. Sometimes I do this on fresh hair to add texture and lengthen the blowout. Side note, I’ve had the same tub for three years as a little goes a long way!

Hair Oil

This is another category where I’ve tried numerous different brands and product types. Many were too heavy and left my hair just straight up greasy. Then there were others that were too heavily fragranced or left my hair feeling sticky. The best one I’ve found is by one of my favorite brands, Oribe. It’s the perfect consistency, gives my hair a healthy shine, and smells amazing. I also use their shampoo and conditioner probably every other to every third week and it’s amazing. Because of the higher price tag, I really only buy these products on sale and once a year (if that). They are really worth it! If you’re looking for something a bit more inexpensive, I also have used this product in the past and liked it!

Texturizer & Sea Salt Spray

This might be my favorite category within my favorite products! Probably because they smell so good, add serious volume and give you that gorgeous “all day at the beach” look (or at least that’s what I’m trying for). After all the texturizers I’ve tried, Living Proof’s just takes the cake. They are one of my favorite haircare brands, and this product is just all around amazing. It smells incredible and gives you serious volume, but doesn’t weigh down your hair. I need to get a full size as you can see I’m currently running on a mini. The runner up would have to be this cult product, as it really does live up to all the hype.

Now sea salt sprays can either be really awesome or terrible. I’ve tried some terrible ones out there that make your hair feel like straw or like you just dumped your head in a bucket of salt water. So when I found this moisturizing spray, I felt like I hit the jack pot. It’s by a brand that I worked on during my career at Birchbox, and it’s still the best sea salt spray I’ve ever used to this day. Smells amazing, non-drying and gives your hair that beachy texture. Runner up in this category would be this wave spray, coming in at a very close second!

So I hope this post in the beauty essential series has been helpful! Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to share more about my haircare routine or tips on other beauty topics. Thinking about doing a video tutorial showing how I do my hair :).

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