I’m Ready To Be A Mom

September 27, 2018

This was a spur of the moment post. Maybe it’s because I’m hormonal and emotional, or maybe because I just started the third trimester and we are nearing the day we will get to meet our girl. But I thought I’d share my thoughts around why I’m ready to be a mom. 

I’ve never been a straight ‘A’ student. I got decent grades, and did well for myself, but things never came naturally to me. I wasn’t at the top of my class nor was I the captain/president of any sports team or club. I worked hard at a great college but wasn’t fully engaged or excited about my major. I lacked self-confidence and couldn’t really find the path I was meant to take professionally. I’ve worked 10 years in the corporate world, and while I’ve been successful and learned a ton, I never really felt totally fulfilled or like I found my calling. I’m still trying to figure that out, and believe I’ve found it here in this very space. But there’s one thing I have always been sure of and confident in — that I would be a great mother.

Maybe it’s from being the oldest of four kids and eleven grandkids causing me to have an innate maternal instinct. Or maybe it’s that I had a wonderful role model and great relationship with my mother. But it’s one of the few things in my life where I’ve been 100% confident in my capabilities and strength. I fully expect motherhood to be a crazy, hard rollercoaster of an experience. But I have no doubt that I can do it and while loving every second.

From the very beginning when we found out we were expecting, I didn’t care what sex the baby was, just that they were healthy. I was fully expecting a boy, and had pretty much convinced myself of such. So when we found out it was a girl, I was in total shock but also on cloud nine excited for the relationship I’d build with my first born.

I am beyond excited to bring our girl into our little family. I look forward to early mornings, late nights and quiet moments together. I can’t wait to teach and guide her as she navigates life and to be her best friend. I want to give her love so that she feels secure and strong. Confidence so she feels empowered to follow her dreams. I want to teach her compassion so that she’s kind and patient with others. Laughter so she doesn’t take like too seriously. Happiness and optimism so she may be content and positive.

I know I won’t be the worlds most perfect mom, but I will be the very best I know I can be. In all my 30 years, the job and position I am most confident in is my upcoming one as a mother.


You will be an absolutely amazing mother! I cannot wait to stand by your side in friendship, love your little girl to pieces and learn from everything you will do so well!!

Thank you, Laura! I’m excited to blaze this trail for us, lol.

Awe Kate you will be an awesome mom!!! You were the best big sister and older cousin. It’s not always easy but it’s the best thing you will ever do. ❤️

Thanks, Aunt Stac! It’s an adventure I’m very excited for :).

You’ll be the best mom! It’s the most rewarding, challenging, and glamorous (NOT) “job” or responsibility there is… you must be flexible and creative, patient & selfless, and full of hope for a bright future despite any setbacks, because life is not always predictable and we don’t always know best. God knows best and is entrusting her to you so don’t forget to trust this beautiful life into His care and guidance. Life is good, one day at a time. Enjoy your last days of pregnancy!

Thank you so much, Sheri! I will take all the advice and insight from a wonderful mother like yourself :).