My Postpartum Wellness Journey

July 26, 2019
Sunglasses | Top | Sports Bra | Leggings | Sneakers

After having a baby, my body was a beautiful mess. I had just created and brought my daughter into the world but I did not recognize myself when naked in the mirror. I knew I would get back into my skinny jeans eventually, but I started getting anxious about when and how. However, in those first three months, I gave myself grace, went for lots of walks and just let my body recover.

At around four months, Claire was sleeping through the night so I felt I had the energy to get back into a more serious fitness routine. I reverted back to the routine I know best and what’s worked well for me in the past – cardio + light weight training. I really pushed myself during these hour workouts and was eating right, but was frustrated when I didn’t really see a difference. I truly believe that postpartum recovery is beyond just six weeks because I didn’t start seeing a difference in my body until six months. I think my body was still flooded with hormones from pregnancy and birth until that point! So then I hit the ground running and have been following the below fitness routine and diet to lose and maintain my weight.


High-intensity cardio has always worked best for me to drop some lbs, but I also love the feeling of a good sweaty workout. With it being summertime, I take Claire in the jogging stroller out for a run a couple of times a week. Then I try to squeeze in at least one afternoon at the gym (cardio + weight training) and one class at the gym (usually spin on Saturdays). My goal is for four days a week with casual, brisk walks on at least two more days.


What works best for me is a low carb and dairy free diet. Eating this way makes me feel the best and relieves me of any bloat. I shoot to have my highest daily macro percentage be protein, and I try to avoid all processed sugar (cereal, granola bars, etc.). Something I’ve also realized has helped me lose some weight is morning fasting or just eating a small breakfast (like a banana). I tested this out after researching Faster Way To Fat Loss, but couldn’t stick to the fasting every morning. I do it every so often and will just have coffee in the morning!

Drinking lots of water also helps with bloating and digestion, so my goal is to refill my HydroFlask at least twice a day. Do I cheat and eat dark chocolate and wine? Yes. Do I indulge in pizza on the weekends? Hell yes. Everything in moderation and I try to follow the 80/20 rule of eating (80% “be good” 20% “have fun”). I make up for indulgences with my workouts and always get back on track on Monday mornings!

This is just what has worked for me and my body because everyone is different. Whether you’re already killing it at the gym and feel you need a new diet, or you just had a baby and are feeling a bit down about your body, I hope this post will inspire you and give you strength. If I can do it, I promise that you can, too. I still have some weight to lose, so I’ll be sticking to this plan if you want to join me!

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