One Month With Claire

January 31, 2019
Onesie | Burp Cloth

I can’t believe our girl is already one month old! Actually, as I write this, she is 7 weeks. But I wanted to get a post up sharing the first month with our little girl. And like her birth story post, I’m going to keep it real and unfiltered for you all.

The first four weeks are an amazing whirlwind of emotions and new experiences. As first time parents, everything is new and you’re figuring it all out as you go. At the same time, it goes by super fast, so it’s all changing day by day. Before you know it, they are almost two months! You’re just so in love with your new baby the whole time and you will do everything and anything to make them happy, solve their crying, and protect them.

That being said, the newborn phase is tough. I honestly was not expecting it to be as hard as it was. I feel like no one really talks about how hard those first 4-6 weeks are! I was pretty confident coming home from the hospital as I grew up babysitting and have a bunch of younger cousins who I’ve cared for. However, even with that practice, I still wasn’t prepared. Every baby is different, so it might not be the same for all parents. But I’m just sharing my experience. I’m also here to tell you that you will likely feel confused, frustrated and defeated in the those first weeks. Like nothing you can do it right, or you don’t know what to do. As long as those feelings don’t start spiraling into a depression (talk to your doctor about postpartum depression signs and read this article), it’s normal to feel this way.

With the sleepless nights and constant feedings, you might start to feel like this little thing has taken over your mind and body forever. But it’s all a phase and you will get through it – I promise. I didn’t believe that at first when fellow moms were giving me that advice. We had some struggles in the beginning when it came to feeding (will share in my breastfeeding post), and I really thought it was never going to end. But here I am, at 7 weeks, and I can tell you everything is a phase. Knowing that now, I am fully prepared for the next rough patch or developmental growth spurt and will weather the storm right beside my little girl.

That being said, this will be the best, most amazing time of your life. Even though there are some pretty big challenges, and you might feel like you have no idea what you’re doing at times, it is the best experience ever. And when you look down at them sleeping in your arms, or they give you that first toothless smile, all the challenges and frustrations melt away. They are your baby (in many cases, a product of you and your partner). And you are their mom – their entire world, creator and protector. There is nothing more special or awe inspiring than this bond. And they will make you happy and in love like you’ve never been before.

Our little Claire is already grown so much from when we first brought her home from the hospital. It’s truly amazing! Right now, she’s so fun and alert. She loves kicking away on the changing table, loves the bath (but hates getting out!), loves car rides, and has the funniest little patch of hair on the back of her head. Her face is changing everyday and she’s getting some chubby rolls on her legs and arms. She also loves her hands, which is exactly how she was in my belly for all the ultrasounds! She is the cutest and best thing Pete and I have ever done and we love her incredibly. I’m so looking forward to watching her grow, but also want to slow down time so she stays a baby!

If you’re a first time parent, just have faith that you are doing a great job. No one knows exactly what to do their first time, so cut yourself a break. And ask for help. This doesn’t come naturally to me because I’m a control freak and like to do things myself. But it was amazing to have my mom and mother in law come and just help me with everything. Let the laundry pile up, the dust collect, and your hair be a mess. Just enjoy this time with your little one because you will never get it back.

I’d love for my blog to become a community, so please share any advice, insight or questions you may have below!