How I’m Investing In Myself This Year

February 21, 2019

2018 was a WILD ride of a year for Pete and I. We renovated our kitchen in New Jersey, found out we were pregnant, moved cross country to Kansas City, I left my job, and we had a baby. In the middle of all this, I started my blog. For years I have been wanting to express my creativity and passion for inspiration, but always told myself no one would really care. Who would read what I have to say, or invest their valuable time in me? But I pushed that self doubting attitude to the back of my brain and just jumped in without any expectations. I’m so glad I did because my blog is now something I can call all my own and it’s my little corner of the internet that I enjoy so much.

Since having our beautiful Claire, I don’t nearly have as much time to myself let alone to blog. So in 2019, with this new life chapter, I just need to be more strategic with my free time! And in that free time, I want to “invest” in myself. Not necessarily monetarily, but just being more thoughtful and purposeful with my time because I am worth it! I’m writing this post to both share my plan with you all, but to also hold myself accountable. On 12/31/2019, I hope to look back and be proud that I stuck to at least some of these ideas! Here are a few ways I am planning to “invest” in myself this year.

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Whether it’s with my blog posts, or the clothes I’m buying, I want quality to be my focus instead of quantity. I recently went through all my drawers and closet to weed out my wardrobe and realized I have a lot of crap. Don’t get me wrong – I love buying some on trend pieces every season. But I also want to invest in higher quality items as I get older. They just last longer and look better! And at least in the short term while my time is limited, I want to launch quality blog posts that are impactful rather than one a day that don’t carry a lot of worth. As a reader, your time is valuable and I want you to enjoy visiting!

Have The Right Self-Marketing Tools

This is a small monetary investment with big impact for me. I’m not organically good at self promotion and marketing since I’m more of an introvert. So I want to set myself up for success with the right tools to help make that happen. Having business cards is the best way to do this, and I ordered a beautiful set through Basic Invite. I wanted something that would stand out and was a unique reflection of who I am. I ordered this beautiful set in the frosted option, and could not be happier with how they look. Sophisticated meets fun!

Basic Invite is the perfect place for all your stationary needs – especially my mamas out there who are planning a baby shower! They offer a ton of unique designs which can all be customized to the exact colors you’d like with over 180 options. You can also order a sample of the exact template you want before purchasing! Just look at all these baby shower invites for girls! These tutu baby shower invitations are so sweet and sophisticated – totally something I would pick if I could do it over again. They also have birth announcements, first birthday invitations and baptism invitations plus corresponding thank you notes for each.

Make Each Workout Count

This is more about investing time in my mind and body strength. Whether it’s high intensity cardio to burn some fat, or a hot yoga class focusing on inner strength, I want each of my exercise sessions to have a purpose. This way, I can shift my mindset to enjoy the 40-60 minutes rather than dreading it. It’s “me time” to reset and take care of my body.

Eat Whole

As someone who’s always had to watch their weight, I’m pretty conscious of what I’m putting into my body calorie- and nutrition-wise. However, I want to also focus on eating more whole, organic foods. This can often come with a higher price tag, and I’m not vowing to shop every grocery list at Whole Foods. But I just want to be more strategic when it comes to purchasing organic vs. when it’s not entirely necessary.

Are you promising to do something similar this year for yourself? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love other ideas!

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