Advice For Your First Pregnancy

October 4, 2018
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Ok… This pregnancy thing is tough. It is such an incredible experience and I feel truly blessed and lucky everyday for this miracle. But, it really is hard and full of surprises. Of course the experience is different for every woman, but I’d venture to guess most would agree with me. First, there are so many changes happening to your body. Second, you need to prepare both physically and mentally for literally bringing a new human into the world!

It can be hard in this world we live in when you see it portrayed so glamorously, while you stand over the counter compulsively eating chips and salsa, constantly readjusting the yoga pants that no longer fit you (yes, real life talking). And you know what, THAT’S OK! What I have realized during these past 6-7 months is that I just need to listen to my body, do what feels right, and not make myself feel bad about it. So on that note, I wanted to share five pieces of advice for your first pregnancy, whether you’re currently expecting or in the process of trying.

My Advice To You

  1. Ask It – Your OBGYN is there for a reason, so never hesitate to ask him/her random or embarrassing questions at your appointments. I promise, no question is too embarrassing. And if your feeling something at home, don’t hesitate to put in a call to the on-call doctor. The last thing you want to do is hold in a question or a symptom and then regret it later.
  2. Eat It – In the first trimester, you might find that only plain bagels with butter, tortilla chips or pasta satisfy your appetite. Don’t deny yourself these things and worry about calories. One of the best pieces of advice my friend Katie gave me was: listen to your body and just eat what makes you feel good (of course keeping in mind the pregnancy food safety list).
  3. DON’T Google It – I fell victim to this while trying to conceive and then also in my first trimester. It can be hard not to jump on Google to look up a quick symptom you’re having, or to see if that Venti from Starbucks was dangerously caffeinated. But honestly, many times after I Googled, I felt WORSE and more paranoid. If you’re ever in doubt, or worried, call your OBGYN and they will give you the best answer.
  4. Buy It – This is more in reference to clothing as I definitely underestimated how quickly my belly would grow. I’m not saying go out and buy a whole new wardrobe in your first trimester. But definitely purchase some true maternity wear as you progress. Especially when it comes to bottoms, you can’t get away with wearing your normal size for too long. Snag a couple of pairs of great yoga pants and jeans so you can feel comfortable and not stressed when getting dressed. You will likely wear all this right after you give birth as well!
  5. Embrace It – Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take this time to rest, and let your body do its thing. Let friends and family do things for you and spoil you. Now’s not the time to push yourself or take on something new. Just embrace the nine months and take care of yourself mentally and physically. Before you know it, you’ll have a little human in your arms who’s whole life depends on you.

I hope this advice brings you some peace of mind, whether you’re currently expecting or hoping to conceive any day. By no means am I the expert here, being that this is my first child. However, I think it’s so helpful for women to share their experiences and talk about things rather than keeping to yourself. It’s a powerful thing us females can do, so let’s form that bond and guide each other down the path!

As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Do you have any other advice for first time pregnant ladies out there? Or for women trying to conceive?

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