FASHION August 28, 2019

Fall 2019 Wishlist

White Puff Sleeve | Leggings | Sneakers (similar)| Polka Dot Dress | White Sweater | Headband | Slingbacks | High Waisted Jeans | Slippers | Camo Jacket I'm SO loving the trends I've seen so f...

FASHION August 20, 2019

Basic Date Night

I am a neutral basics lover through and through, so date night is no exception to my everyday style. Black top, jeans, heels and you're set.

HOME July 29, 2019

Five Buyer Tips For Facebook Marketplace

After moving into our first house, we didn't have the budget to go out and purchase all new furniture. We had gone from apartment living to a four bedroom house in New Jersey, so we had space...

FASHION June 18, 2019

My New Favorite Affordable Athletic Wear

I love Amazon more and more each day (even though they seem to be taking over the world). I stumbled across their brand (I think it's Amazon) CRZ Yoga not too long ago through other influencers/bloggers and figured I'd test out their gear.

FASHION May 9, 2019

The Perfect First Mother’s Day

I originally planned on writing a post sharing my top Mother's Day gift ideas. However, my blogging time is limited these days and you've probably seen a million other product roundup posts from bloggers. Instead, I wanted to highlight one item that would make any mom's day, from a brand I love.

FASHION March 8, 2019

A Brand For All Women

In celebration of International Women's Day, I'm sharing one of my favorite female founded brands that serves all women on a wardrobe staple.

BABY February 7, 2019

A New Kind of Valentine’s Day

Sweatpants, wine and cooking with a chatty baby on my hip. That's how we will most likely spend our Valentine's Day night this year. Since we are transplants here in Kansas City, we don't have any family or friends to watch Claire in order to go out and have a date night. However, a night hanging around cooking a delicious (most likely Italian) meal with a bottle of wine sounds really nice.

FASHION December 5, 2018

Black and Camel: The Ultimate Combo

One of my all time favorite combos as a neutral lover: black and camel. It's classic, sophisticated and feminine without being girly. All things I try to achieve in my personal style on the daily. It's also a combo that can be styled year round with just different types of pieces.

FASHION November 29, 2018

My Favorite Bra Brand & Styles

Ever since I started my blog, I knew I wanted to dedicate a post to sharing my absolute favorite bras. It's a pretty important topic for us women considering it's something we wear (almost) every single day of our lives! As someone with an average sized chest (34-36 C pre-pregnancy), I have a wide variety of styles to chose from at many brands.

FASHION November 20, 2018

Birthday Night Out in Camel And Leopard

Shout out to all my scorpios! It's our season and time to shine (from Oct 23 - Nov 22). I was certainly feeling all the feels a couple of weeks back for my birthday night out to a beautiful dinner with Pete and my 8 month baby bump. It was especially fun because it was the first snow of the season here in Kansas City and it felt extra special for some reason.