Our Baby Registry

September 24, 2018

Alright friends, this is going to be a whopper of a post! I’m consolidating everything that was on our baby registry as well as items I received/bought off the registry. Since this is our first baby, I spent a lot of time researching and referencing other mom blogs to decide what would be best to add. I’ve already done a lot of the due diligence for you, so hopefully you can use this as a reference to build your own registry! I also plan on doing numerous follow up posts after our girl comes in December sharing updates on what works, what doesn’t and our favorite items.

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1. Stroller 

I did a ton of research on this – reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube, and asking friends. After all that, we ended up going with the Uppababy Vista in Loic White. While it is expensive, the quality is unmatched. The whole system is very “high tech” and stylish, and we’ve been calling it the Cadillac of strollers. The most important part, it’s safe, glides nicely over everything, and can convert to carry up to three kids. We’re so thankful my in-laws got us this, and can’t wait to go on strolls with our girl. Also snagged this stroller organizer and this infant seat inset.

2. Car Seat

Since we were going with Uppababy for the stroller, I thought it made the most sense to get the matching Mesa car seat. While this isn’t the lightest car seat on the market (9 lbs), the high safety rating and quality reviews sold me. The other car seat I was eyeing was the Nuna Lite as it’s only 5lbs! Since she’s a winter baby, I also added this car seat bunting to keep her warm in transit.

3. Jogging Stroller

So this was an item I added later because I wasn’t sure it was worth buying. However, we love to hike/walk and I plan on running once I can to lose the baby weight. So I decided to add it and my extremely generous aunts and uncles got it for us. I’m glad we added it because it’s pretty awesome and will be used a lot in our house.

4. Baby Carrier

There are so many carriers out there, but this one by Ergobaby had the best support for baby and for the parent. I wanted something that wouldn’t hurt my back or make the baby sag, so this won!

5. Bouncer

I really didn’t want one of those crazy colorful baby bouncers, but also wanted something that would be comfortable and soothing for baby girl. Enter this minimalistic bouncer by Bloom. It has 3 seat heights, vibrates, and flattens into a travel bag for easy transport. I anticipate this will get a lot of use, like for when I need to jump in the shower for a total of 2 minutes.

6. Lounger

I know the DockaTot is super popular right now, but I had heard mixed reviews and it was pricey. I instead ended up going with the Snuggle Me Organic lounger which I had seen on a lot of blogs and got great reviews. I think she will be in this a lot especially in the beginning.

7. Travel Crib

This was another item i did a lot of research on, and boy was I impressed! I always envisioned those old Graco playpens that were huge and took forever to set up. But no ma’am, it’s 2018 and you can now get a travel crib that folds up into a backpack. After all my research, I added the Lotus travel crib because it can first be used as a bassinet and I plan to use that for her first few months. We will be traveling a lot when she’s little, so wanted something that was compact and could convert.

8. Baby Wrap

Loved the prints most of the Happy Baby wrap, and the carriers looked so soft. Really excited to use this. Was maybe going to buy their carrier as well, but it didn’t look to have great back support.

9. Clothes

Many of the clothes I registered for were basic items like onesies and bodysuits. I plan on buying a lot of her clothes myself and knew that family members and friends would give us little outfits. I went with the Burts Bees baby line because they use organic cotton and they are so soft. I grabbed sets of short sleeve onesies, long sleeve onesies, bodysuits, and no scratch mittens. Also love this quilted bodysuit

10. Changing Pad

Gone are the days where you need to purchase a whole changing table with mattress, etc. And a fabric mattress with sheets isn’t really practical when you think about what happens on a changing table :). So I went with the popular Keekaroo changing pad and added liners so baby girl isn’t cold on the hard surface.

11. Feeding

There are so many different bottles out there, but I’ve heard the most about Dr.Brown and Olababy. I got those to start because I anticipate it will depend on what she likes and how her tummy reacts. Also added some bibs in cotton, muslin and rubber, a bottle drying rack, and a rubber dish mat for when she gets bigger.

12. High Chair

Another thing I did a lot of research on because there are so many. I wasn’t crazy about the ones that clamp onto a table; however, I have a feeling we will get one down the line. So I decided to go with the Oxo Tot because it got great ratings, looks comfortable, and is aesthetically pleasing. Just because you have a baby, doesn’t mean there has to be an explosion of color everywhere!

13. Nursing Pillow

I have heard from new mom friends that this is a must have, so I added this neutral colored Boppy to the list. The Boppy has been around for a while, and I’m sure there is a reason!

14. Sound Machine

This was another item I heard was an absolute must have and your baby will love it. I received the portable Rohm unit and plan to bring this with me everywhere.

15. Sleeping

I heard gowns and zip bodysuits are the best for sleep time, so got some of both. I also heard that the Merlin suit is amazing for soothing babies to sleep, so I plan on getting one for 3-6 months. My mom also got her the cutest lovey/security blanket because apparently they help calm baby (I didn’t know this!) when they are fussy. It’s something they become attached to and comforts them when needed. I didn’t want to get too much before I understand what works best for her.

16. Bath Time

Something I’m really looking forward to! We have a tub in our apartment, so figured this infant bath would work best. Then I got a waterfall rinser, the softest washcloths and a hooded towel. I’m still researching and deciding on what bath products I want to go with, but have heard amazing things about Mustela baby. If you have recommendations, I’d love to see in the comments!

17. Blanket & Swaddles

So I might have gone a little overboard here because she probably has a total of 15 swaddles and blankets. But I heard you can never have too many! Some of the swaddles I got are from aden + anais and Spearmint Love. I still need to get a couple velcro swaddles as I’ve heard they are awesome. And I also have some quilts/blankets for her from Spearmint Love and Amazon.

In Addition to Graphic

Travel Stroller: This was a late add, and I don’t think we will get this for a little while, but I had heard it’s good to have more compact stroller for traveling. I did a lot of research and found most of the newly launched travel strollers to be expensive ($400+). I registered for this Good Baby one since it got good ratings and folds up as compact as its competitors. 

Toys: I did not register for many toys since I want to see what she likes, but I did receive this beautiful play gym that I’ve read wonderful things about. Like I said earlier, I didn’t want our home to be taken over by the crazy bright colors of some kid toys (although I’m sure it’s inevitable at some point). This play gym is aesthetically pleasing, but also helps baby learn and develop over the years as it can also convert into a cool little tent as they get older. I also threw in Sophie the Giraffe because I heard this is the best teething toy out there.

Health & Safety: So far, I’ve gotten a digital smart thermometer and a nasal aspirator as I heard these were the best to use. For changing and cleaning, I ordered Water Wipes as I was told by many mom friends that they are a must have in the beginning. I still need to purchase a nail clipper, and plan on starting with Pampers Pure diapers. For pacifiers, I got a couple from Spearmint Love and also a natural rubber paci which came highly recommended as it doesn’t contain any BPA or other harsh chemicals.

Diaper Pail: This we got from a friend right around when we shared we were expecting, which was so nice. He got us the good ole Diaper Genie which has been around for years. I’ve heard mixed reviews, so we will see how well it does in masking the smell!

For Mom: Finally, I knew I needed some items for myself like a diaper bag. I did a lot of research on this as well and searched on a ton of sites. The best looking, most practical bag I could find was the Fawn Design bag that works as either a backpack or messenger bag. It comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, and is also made with faux, wipeable leather. SOLD. I also got myself a pajama set for the hospital with a cute scrunchie because I couldn’t resist. I’d like to take pictures while we’re still in the hospital and didn’t want to be wearing one of my old ratty t-shirts in the photos.

So that’s mostly everything! I’ve already had my baby shower so we have a solid inventory of stuff already for when little one arrives. There are just some last minute items I need to purchase before she actually comes in December. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if you think I’m missing anything crucial!


Very informative post !!! comprehensive coverage of everthing baby needs !! 💕