My Favorite Stores For Baby Clothes

October 28, 2018
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How fun is it to shop for baby clothes? Ever since we found out we were having a girl, I’ve been building her little wardrobe. I feel like a baby stylist and am having so much fun with it. I wanted to make sure she had enough for her first 3 months, and some other pieces for 3-6 since we don’t know how big she will be in the beginning. I also am sticking to my own fashion style with keeping things neutral and colors to a minimum. Of course I’ve got pink mixed in there, but I much prefer softer pinks. I was really expecting the baby clothes scene to be pretty drab and dated, but man was I wrong! For those of you who are expecting, or who have friends/family with a bun in the oven, here are my favorite stores for baby clothes so far.


Gap is by far my favorite shop to her so far. The assortment of clothing is just adorable when it comes to styles, but the pieces also come in beautiful soft colors. Most of her wardrobe is currently from Gap, and I know I will continue to shop there. They do have a line of organic knits which is great, too. I’ve also heard from many friends that the clothes hold up nicely in the wash, which is super important. Lastly, Gap is almost always having a sale, so you can get these tiny baby clothes at great prices! 

Burts Bees

I was very pleasantly surprised to see Burts Bees in the baby clothing game. They are already a well established brand in the beauty category, and expanded their brand beautifully into kids. BB is really great for the basics like onesies, bodysuits, wash clothes, etc. but they also have some cute everyday clothing. Also, majority of their clothes are made with organic cotton which is an A+ in my book.


I’ve always loved Zara as the brand has more of a chic, simplistic aesthetic which they have now carried over to their kids line as well. I literally want to buy everything each time I visit the site and there are new styles. So many beautiful soft colors and fabrics! Zara is a popular one among other moms I chat with, so you can definitely add it to your list. They don’t have many sales to take advantage of, but you can get some really beautiful pieces to add to your little one’s wardrobe for a good price.

Here are some of the items I’ve purchase for our little one, and other styles I’m eyeing. Many of these items come in different colors for boys as well, like this sweater we will bring her home in and this zipped onesie!

Sleep & Bodysuits



Dresses & Rompers

Jackets & Accessories

PS – If you are a new mom and overwhelmed with what you will need (just breathe!), check out my baby registry post where I cover all the different categories!