My New Favorite Affordable Athletic Wear

June 18, 2019

I love Amazon more and more each day (even though they seem to be taking over the world). I stumbled across their brand (I think it’s Amazon) CRZ Yoga not too long ago through other influencers/bloggers and figured I’d test out their gear. I find I get more motivated for the gym or a run when I have some new, comfortable athletic gear. I also tend to throw these pieces on when Claire and I are running errands or just playing around on the floor. So I figured I would do a review of this brand and let you know my honest thoughts!

28″ Legging (left) | Sports Bra | 25″ Legging (right) | Long Sleeve Top

Hugged Legging

I’d say this style is the most comparable to the LuLu Wunder Under Pant in terms of fabric and compression. I ordered my normal size in the hugged legging and found they were true to size. I’m 5’7″ and prefer the full length legging (28″) over the 7/8 length (25″) but both work really well. I’d say if you are looking for leggings with more compression that give you that “sucked in” feeling, these are they better option. The high waist is amazing on both lengths. The darker color was squat proof, but in the pink you could slightly see my underwear line.

28″ Legging (left) | 25″ Legging (right) | Tank

Naked Legging

Now these are AMAZING. If you’re a fan of the lululemon Align Pant but hate the price tag, then you NEED to try these pants. They are not identical to the Align pant, but they are seriously good dupes for under $30. The high waist and soft, silky fabric make these my favorite items from the brand. Per the reviews, I sized down one size which worked perfectly (I size down in the Align, too). Once again I prefer the 28″ length since I’m taller, so I’ll definitely be snagging more pairs (maybe in every color?!). I ordered darker colors in both lengths, so both were squat proof. If I order a lighter color, I’ll have to test and see if they are squat proof as well.


So if you have tried and love the lulu Swiftly Tech, then you will really enjoy both of these tops. They are made of very soft, breathable, sweat wicking material. The long sleeve and tank I ordered are even softer and more luxurious feeling than the lulu tops in my opinion. And you just cannot beat the price tag! I will be keeping these two and ordering more tanks for sure. I am also totally obsessed with the sports bra I got, and will be testing out different styles soon.

Overall, I am absolutely in love with this line. For the $24-$30 price tag, you get some really awesome pieces that are great dupes for more expensive pieces (i.e. lululemon). If you’re a Amazon Prime member, all these pieces receive free shipping + free returns, so it’s a no brainer! I ended up returning the Hugged Leggings because I preferred the Naked in the 28″ length. I also kept both tops and the sports bra.

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BTW – This post is not at all sponsored or paid for. I just really wanted to try the products and share with you all! If you use my links to purchase, I get a small commission but it’s at no cost to you!

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